Back in sunny Palma!

After getting back from Miami we had some time off. Time to recover and get ready for some European weather again. In Holland it was quite cold, but...Palma is sunny! Blue skies, flat seas and comfortable temperatures make us happy here. We've been out on the ocean for two days now, both days were light air. 

We try to do as much trainingraces as possible, because we're the only boat of the Dutch Olympic team here in Palma. We train together with the Dutch Talent team, some Spanish, Czech and Suisse boats. Mostly in the mornings there is absolutely no wind in Palma, so we sail in the afternoon. Next to our hotel there is a soccer court, so this morning the whole Dutch team was out to play soccer. Together with the Laser sailors we had a great game, although our technique is far from good, we had a fun time! 

I'm going to slalom around the old Germans back to the hotel now. Yes...the island is filled with elderly, mostly fat Germans...great! Speak to you soon!

Stevens - www.teamsteven.com