Medal Race

What a day. It all started off really good for us, after a great start we worked hard and arrived 1st at the topmark. After quite a difficult downwind we were still up there in 2nd, but we lost about 3 boats further in the race. But we gained 2 boats back in the last downwind crossing the finishing line in 3rd. That\'s what we needed, especially because we were in 10th position this morning and to make the medal race, you have to be in this top 10. 

With one more good race we would climb a few more places in the overall results, so we were thrilled to throw in another good result. At the starting line it was fighting for a good spot and the first start was a general recall, which means that too many boats are over the line and everyone has to come back for a new start. The second start was with a black flag, this means that you cannot be over the line within a minute from the start and it\'s not possible to go back afterwards to clear yourself. If you do so, you will be disqualified (BFD, black flag disqualification). Again everyone was really close to the line, so a high risk to be scored BFD. This time we didn\'t fly out of the start and choose the wrong side of the course... So we were way back in the fleet. We took quite a lot of risk to come back to the front, but this didn\'t work out.. A poor 36th place, but our discard race was a 20th place so far, so we could discard the 36th place and count the 20th place. This means we just made the medal race. We are in 10th position now, with a lot of chances to finish 8th overall tomorrow. We\'re looking forward to race tomorrow and are happy that we made it!